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GAHS 2014 Vol 4

2014 looks very interesting for the coming year. So far we have received nine (9) requests from individuals looking for assistance on information as it pertains to the history of Gander Airport. This is encouraging indeed.

One request in particular has received most of our attention and that was one requesting assistance from a 1967 Czechoslovakian airline crash survivor who wishes for her 80th birthday to return to Gander and visit the crash site. She also would like to personally meet with as many people that assisted with her survival. Her visit is planned for mid September.

The GIAA has announced their intention to replace the present terminal building with a smaller building that will be more cost effective due to the low income from airport activity. This has been upsetting for a lot of people across the country. The architectural and artistic design of the terminal is recognized as being a unique part of Canadian aviation history. While we do agree that the destruction of the terminal would be a great loss, we also agree that the GIAA must do what ever is possible to preserve the financial integrity of the airport itself.

Our original plan to construct a table top model of the Gander Airport and it's community has not changed. Although somewhat delayed with the start up of our website and other technical chores we are now ready to proceed with work on this plan. A committe has been put into place chaired by Rick Stead.

Your interest in our website and blog indicates the interest and support from everyone. For this we thank you.


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