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GAHS 2013 Vol 3

We have entered the last stages of our first and very successful year for the Gander Airport Historical Society (GAHS). This newsletter is to bring everyone up to date with our activities.

On Sept 17, 2013,  our first annual meeting took place.  The Board of Directors elected our first executive. They are ;

  • President  - Jack Pinsent
  • Vice-President -  Robert Pelley
  • Treasurer -  George Innes
  • Secretary -  Rick Stead

At this meeting, a decision was made that the membership to the GAHS would be open informally without registration. The requirement to be a member would simply be your interest in our society. Funds to operate the website are minimal and quite capable of being funded by corporate sponsorship. A financial statement will be forth coming to be presented at our general meeting in September 2014.

It is our plan to continue acquiring interest through our website and blog. We will be formulating a committee to analyze the cost and feasible study for a model construction of the airport, at it was in the early 1950’s, in the near future.

We do appreciate your patronage and support.


GAHS 2013 Vol 2

GAHS 2013 Vol 1


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