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GAHS 2013 Vol# 2

Our website has reached its 1000th visitor in just a few months. The number may seem insignificant to some but we feel that this is an accomplishment in knowing there are many out there who are interested in historical Gander Airport and why it's history has made the name Gander so famous and respected as an airport and town. Over the years the airport has played a large role in the development of commercial aviation. The people that have supported it have became well known throughout the world for thier actions. This has become our pride. Something that is held dear to the hearts of those that helped in it's development. Those who have once lived here, who once worked here and to those who have remained here, are proud of this heritage.

This website serves as a cyber museum for everyone in the world to enter through our doors. To learn about how we started and why. There are no walls, no maintenance, minimal expense, just a place for everyone to come in, browse around and learn something new.

Our aim in the coming months is to formulate a board of directors, elect an executive and become an official historical society. As a society, one of our first aims will be to preserve the original airport by constructing a model of the runways and town as it appeared in the early 1950's. This model will be displayed in an appropriate location in the town of Gander.

Thanks to Gerard McCarthy's help in setting this up, we have now incorporated a web log (blog), namely the 'Airport Coffee Shop', where discussions are made about various subjects relating to the site. We welcome your views and your input. Just a point for those who wish to join in with a comment, please give your name. Comments using anonymous names will not be published.

We look forward to your continued support.



GAHS 2013 Vol 1


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