Ferry Command

The British War Ministry made a decision to experiment with ferrying aircraft from North America to Britian using the Newfoundland/Gander Airport as the jump off point. This event made Gander one of the most famous airports in the world. Not only because of it's contribution to the war effort but it was the birth of North Atlantic air travel. Ferry Command was the backbone of the Gander Airport during WWII. Starting off as a civilian entity it later became militarized under the command of the RAF. Ferry Command still remains a branch of the RAF to this day.

This section will highlight some of history of Ferry Command, both Civil and Military, and those that made an historical contribution to this venture.

In addition two very good movies that gives insight to the role that Ferry Command played under the titles Above And Beyond, a doc/drama produced by CBC, and Flying The Secret Sky, a doucmentary produced by PBS, are for sale at www.amazon.ca .

Below are the crew members that flew the first flight of 7 aircraft that departed Gander and arrived sucessfully in Britian on November 11, 1940.

First Flight

In front of the railway coach used for accommodation on the siding at Gander, the captains and crews of the first group of seven bombers delivered by air across the Atlantic - including 4 BOAC pilots, 2 BOAC radio operaters, 2 Australians and 13 Americans. Photo taken 10th November 1940.


1941 Control Tower

The First Ferry With Tripp


Ferry Command Badges

Donald Bennett C.B. C.B.E. D.S.O.

Joe Gilmore M.B.E.


Above & Beyond - Video Docu/Drama Production on Ferry Command

S/L Frank Ratcliffe

RAF Ferry Command

The Gander Commonwealth War Graves

John Murphy

A 1940 Landing

A Mysterious Place (RAF Ferry Command Ops Centre)

McVicar's Ferry Command Gallery

Ferry Command Hudson Crews 2 & 3


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