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During the War many magazines & books, both civilian and military, were published writing about life and activities at Gander. This section will include articles and book reports plus the full magazine themselves. One thing to take note, during the war Gander was considered a top secret airport to the point where the actual location in magazine articles were not specifically identified. It was normal to identify it as an airport in eastern portion of north america or even called the eastern portion of Canada even though Nfld. was not a part of Canada.

One magazine in particular called 'The Gander' was actually published in Gander by the RCAF as a moral booster for the personal posted at Gander in complete isolation. At the time Newfoundland was considered as an overseas posting plus being a foreign country. The USAAF followed suit with their moral booster called 'Propagander'. The American's were very reluctant to show much of the Gander airport till after VE Day in 1945.

Some of the publications in this section are reproduced by being digitally scanned which may require the need to enlarge the web page with your browser in order to read them properly.

We also wish to thank the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum in Brandon, Manitoba, and the Gander North Atlantic Aviation Museum for their contribution of the RCAF USAAF publications. Their cooperation is appreciated.

Gander 1941 - 'Scientific American magazine article'

1941 War Illustrated magazine article

RCAF - The Gander - Mid Winter 1945

RCAF - The Gander - August-September 1943

RCAF - The Gander - October - November 1943

RCAF - The Gander - December 1943

RCAF - The Gander - January - February 1944

RCAF - The Gander - March - April 1944

RCAF - The Gander - May -June 1944

RCAF - The Gander - July - August 1944

RCAF - The Gander - September - October 1944

RCAF - The Gander - Christmas 1944

Book review - Pathfinder by Air Vice Marshal Donald Bennett CB CBE DSO

Book review - Flight From Gander by Staff Sgt. Al Fales USAAF

Book review - Tales from a Pilot's Logbook by Royal Cooper

The Crossways Of The World - UK Illustrated 1942

USAAF - The Propagander - April 1944

RCAF - The Gander - Spring 1945

USAAF - The Propagander - Fall 1944

USAAF - The Propagander - Spring 1945

RCAF - The Gander - Summer - 1945

USAAF - The Propagander -Summer 1945

Winter At The Base - Downhome Magazine Publication

Atlantic Ferry - Flight Magazine 1941

RAF Ferry Command- Flight Magazine 1943

RCAF - The Gander - April - 1942

RCAF - The Gander - Sept - 1942

RCAF - The Gander - Jan - 1943

RCAF - The Gander - Feb - 1943


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